Dhoop Chaanv

Kaya. Parchaai. Roshni ~one too many names, for that one ceaseless mystery lingering all around us. Always. From the first rays of the sun to the last flame flickering from the candle wick late at night, here’s to the eternal gameplay of shadows. At times hopeful, at times all consuming- this spring summer, come join us as we explore these shades of life.

Baisakhi Adda

“Chaa” and “Adda”: to these two elements that make sense irrespective of any conditions. To that which is quintessentially Bangali. From every morning, evening to reunions, from heartfelt poetry to heated political discussions : perhaps there’s nothing in the universe that’s irrelevant when we meet over “Cha ar Ta”!! celebrating these relations made over “cha” and “mishti”.


The Sartorial Odyssey

The saga of souls connected by threads of craftsmanship. Narratives formed over giggles, echoes unmasked by purity of arts.
We present to you, stories of handcrafted masterpieces, shining in the warm lights of the theatre. Extravagantly effortless. Stunningly simple. Textiles and stagecraft, celebrated the Koza way.

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